We give away 100 copies of

Molosser's album Appear

on Bandcamp

in memory of the duo's oldest fan

Molosser's oldest fan, Signe, got to be 100 years old but passed away recently. She had a long, good life and lived to the end in her own home where she, among other things, enjoyed Molosser's videos on Youtube. We want you to help us celebrate her life by downloading Molosser's debut album Appear for free on Bandcamp. 

We have 100 download codes to give away, but rather than just publishing them in a long list where you have to go through them one by one to find one that's not been taken, we'll do it like this:

Get a Bandcamp fan account if you don't already have one (you can do that for free here).

Follow Molosser on Bandcamp here. Then we'll send your own special code directly to you, and you can redeem it here. You can unfollow again if you wish, no hard feelings.

That's it. Enjoy - Molosser's music, and life in general!

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