We have released a couple of new live videos with Molosser Crude. Neither has been officially released before, but Kings & Queens & Me exists in a previous version (from Crude's very first gig), while Gasolined only has made an appearance as an excerpt on Instagram. So - every reason to check these little gems out!


That’s right – after a good many years at the little farm in rural Småland where  Molosser and Molosser Crude were born, all the music was recorded and most of the videos were shot, external circumstances force us to go west and relocate to Fjärås.

The new location is pretty close to good ol’ Gothenburg. So, not necessarily a bad move, but it turns out getting a farm, however small, ready for sale was far more time-consuming than we ever thought. And that’s the reason that you haven’t heard anything from us these last months.

We haven’t been totally noiseless, though; instead of recording and releasing, as was the original plan, Molosser Cruda has spent a good amount of time doing the third ”re”: rehearsing. Perfecting the old tracks and working on new ones, too, mostly in the doomy vein of ”Howl” that was released as a live video early this year.

The big move is in August, but we’ll try to get some stuff out to you in the meantime. See ya round.

For a trip down memory lane, there are plenty of opportunities in the Molosser videos, that were in most cases shot in or around the farm - check out the stables and the dried-out creek in Dive In, take a trip along the water in Water My Way or spend some time in the loft in Ellesmere Island. Just to name a few.


live video: Howl

Brand new song!

Brand new Molosser Crude song »Howl«, was recorded at the Doom New Year microfestival in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. The event was initiated by Opeth singer and founder David Isberg, whose death/doom quartet Bloodofjupiter topped the bill, supported by Molosser Crude and trad-doomsters Doomherre, which proved to be a perfect recipe for a varied but relentlessly heavy evening to round off the old year and chug in the new. All the bands played sizzling hot sets, and Molosser Crude and Doomherre got along so well that they have decided to hit the roads together later this year.

The "Howl" video was premiered on magnificent  webzine Doomed Nation Friday 12 January; official release was Saturday 13 January and now you can watch it on Evil Ear's YouTube channel.

The song will be released as a studio recorded single later this spring.


MOLOSSER CRUDE at Gamla Enskede Bryggeri Dec 30th

along with



Rock out the old year, chug in the new! No way could be better than going to DOOMED NEW YEAR at Gamla Enskede Bryggeri, Dec 30 at 7 P.M. MOLOSSER CRUDE will share the stage with black metal behemoths BLOOD OF JUPITER and doomsters DOOMHERRE to give you the ultimate end-of-year experience. Get your tickets quick - when they're gone, they're gone! 

Bye Bye Grace


live-in-the-studio video

In Molosser Crude’s new live-in-the-studio video, stoner-psych-doom anthem Bye Bye Grace, beauty meets brutality on both a visual and a musical level. Interspersed with the documentary footage from the studio, it features the power play between three other residents of Molosser Farm – a potentially deadly dance with performers weighing in at around half a ton each, and a perfect embodiment of the interplay between weight and lightness, beauty and brutality that also can be heard in Molosser Crude’s music.

    The video had it's premiere on Rob Hammer's fabulous Stoner/Doom/Psych/Doom/Sludge/Metal channel, and now it's available on Evil Ear's own YouTube channel as well.

     The track is also available as an audio single on Bandcamp and streaming platforms such as Spotify.

In the Details was filmed when Molosser Crude played in BG, Växjö, Sweden, April 2023. Now you can see  & hear the full track on YouTube. A post-punkey opening riff develops to a garage-rocky chorus at full blast, plus a drum break that will make Johnny come marching home at double speed.

Previously unreleased


song - In the Details

New live video

FINALLY - a new recording with


Kings & Queens & Me

During the rehearsals for BOMBER FEST in July, we put up acouple of cameras in the room and let them catch the acoustic duo's renditions of old and new songs. Here we give you an eerily intimate version of Kings & Queens & Me, where Tess' keening, jazzy vocals are accompanied by Jahn's downtuned guitar played as a double bass and her own expressive playing.

More rehearsal session videos to come! Subscribe to Evil Ear's YouTube channel to stay tuned!

New live video - brand new track!


Kings & Queens & Me

Now you can see and hear a live version of previously unreleased Molosser Crude track Kings & Queens & Me on YouTube. A brutally beautilful gem for everyone who's into doom jazz metal - and everyone else too, for that matter. 




live at BOMBER FEST!

Don't miss the chance to catch both downtuned acoustic guitar duo Molosser and heavy-riffing power duo Molosser Crude at BOMBER FEST in Motala. Both combos will be playing two night in a row, Friday July 7th and Saturday July 8th, along with lots of other stupendous acts. Tickets available at Tickster!

New release!


At My Feet (Hounds of Hell)

Molosser Crude's new track At My Feet (Hounds of Hell) can now be enjoyed as a live video on YouTube, streamed on Spotify or  downloaded on Bandcamp.

"A wild, unpredictable, and catchy tune."

- Monster Riff


Twin Moons

new video + single release

Molosser Crude's new live-in-the-studio recording Twin Moons is out on all the major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify or download it on Bandcamp

To view the video, go here!

"'Twin Moons' bodes well and is a banger to boot."

- The Obelisk


Pushing My Way

single release

New release: Molosser Crude's live-in-the-studio recording of Pushing My Way on all the major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify or download it on Bandcamp

To view the video, go here!

"Six minutes of unpredictable good music."

- Heavystoned.eu


Brand new video:

Pushing My Way

Molosser CRUDE has released a live-in-the-studio video with brand new stoner blues banger "Pushing My Way". The duo has found its stride and rocks relentlessly with a killer riff, monumental chorus and heavy, jazzy vocals. 

The video was premiered 22 September by Slavestate Magazine, venerable reporters of all kinds of heavy music since more than 20 years, and had its official YouTube release 23 September.

On popular demand, the audio from the video has been released as a single on Bandcamp. Pay what you please!

More CRUDE videos to come. Go to Evil Ear's YouTube channel and subscribe to be sure not to miss them!


New acoustic sessions under way

Downtuned acoustic guitar duo Molosser recorded new material for a full album, but then they started power duo Molosser CRUDE, and when they went back to the acoustic material it turned out to have grown and evolved while they weren't watching ... and so they scrapped the whole album to have another go at it. But pending that, Molosser is recording basic live versions of some of the new songs, to give you a hint of what's brewing. Follow Molosser on Instagram or subscribe to Evil Ear's YouTube channel to be updated!

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