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Hey, we're just getting started here! Right now, the only music is the audio from the videos

- exclusively on Bandcamp so far. If you run a podcast or radio show you can get your files for free there, or contact info@evilear.com - we'll supply you with MP3 or WAV files.

Molosser CRUDE’s Pushing My Way is now available as a single featuring the audio from the live-in-the-studio video. Not what we planned, but so many have asked for it that we thought what the hell, why not? We skip Spotify & co this time around, though, and release it on Bandcamp exclusively. No price tag attached – pay whatever you want or nothing at all. And send the link to your friends and relatives so they can get theirs, too!

Get "MOLOSSER CRUDE - Pushing My Way (video version) here!

Enjoy and take care!