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WVIA (Pennsylvania, US)

BBC Radio Tees (UK)

2BOB Radio (Aus)

Polskie Radio PiK (PL)

North Allerton Radio (UK)

CIUT 89,5 FM (Can)

RKC - Radio Chaos Caribou (Fr)

Karen's Indies/

E2TG (Nashville, US)

Radio Jade UKW 87,8  (De)

Aural Delights Radio Show (RiverGibbs fm & taintradio)

Frequence 7 /Fr)


Broadtube Music Channel has published an interview with Molosser.


June 9, 2021

Roadie Music have published a review of Solid Gold.

"Another minimalist and poetic pearl by the Swedish duo"

May 31, 2021

Roadie Metal have published a review of Appear.

"Molosser is a Swedish duo that is emerging with their virtuoso talent, their simplistic aesthetic and a grunge/post-punk poetic."

May 31, 2021

Higher Plain Music have reviewed Appear

"‘Appear’ is a grower, not a shower and I’m delighted I gave it time to shine. This is a quirky album that I hope many of you go on to discover."

May 31, 2021

Roadie Music have published a review of Appear.

"The album features nine unique songs of extreme quality that bring the essence of the duo in every chord."

May 30, 2021

Michael Doherty's Music Log highlights the Water My Way - Barebones/Live video. 

May 26, 2021

JAMMERZINE has published a review of Appear.

"Beginning as a cathartic musical journey, ‘Appear’ is dark, brooding, and, at times, very lucid musically and even spiritually on a certain level."

May 20, 2021

Don't miss MANGO WAVE's review of Solid Gold!

"Molosser have once more produced a sensual and hypnotizing song."

May 20, 2021

Os Garrotos de LIverpool have published a piece about Unsolid.

May 15, 2021

Brazilian Roadie Music have published a review of Unsolid.

"The music is composed by two guitars that speak perfectly to each other, producing a perfect balance between excellence and simplicity"

May 14, 2021

Americana Daily is running Water My Way as their featured video today!

May 12, 2021

Os Garrotos de LIverpool have published a piece about Appear.

May 12, 2021

Edgar Allan Poets have written a review of Appear.

"This music manages to make you feel the nature and the energetic and ancestral vibrations of life."

May 12, 2021

The Other Side Reviews has published an extensive review of Unsolid.

"It is like you are walking along a darkened path with only the moon to light your way but know that nothing bad will happen. "

May 11. 2021

Less Than 1000 Followers has published a great review of Appear.

"Some of the interludes and instrumentation on this album are absolutely beautiful and incredibly masterful. Here we have two artists that are experimenting with new sounds and methods – but they are totally at peace with their instruments and in harmony – and they have crafted a quite exquisite world for us to enter into."

May 11, 2021

The Moshville Times wrote about Water My Way.

May 11, 2021

Read MANGO WAVE's review of Unsolid!

"The soulful hymn moves the body like a fiddle charming a snake while Tess' stunning vocals complete the hypnotizing and coloufully dark sonic image."

April 17, 2021:

TEM MÚSICA NOVA HOJE has published a piece on Solid Gold

April 14, 2021:

BERLIN ON AIR has published a review of Solid Gold

April 9, 2021:

FOLK RADIO (UK) has published a nice review of Unsolid.

Don't miss to check out this blog/magazine/radio!

"... Unsolid makes for an enchanting offering ..."

April 9, 2021:

EDGAR ALLAN POETS has reviewed Unsolid.

"This duo is capable of creating wonderful atmospheres"

April 3, 2021: 

Fast moving I'm Music magazine has already published a piece about Unsolid.

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