Welcome to a preview of material that is ready for release with MOLOSSER!

The tracks featured on this page are part of the first MOLOSSER album. 

4th of July is a Soundgarden cover, the rest of the tracks are MOLOSSER originals.

The first four tracks are available on the Audio & Video page of this website and on MOLOSSER's YouTube channel.

The rest of the material on this page is not yet officially released and meant for promotional use only.

This page is not accessible from the website.

A presentation of Molosser and their music in PDF format can be found here, or in web-friendly format on the PRESS ROOM page.

All the material on the page is protected by copyright.



(official videos)

Click here for a


with all the tracks!


BAREBONES/LIVE is a series of videos with just vocals and two guitars recorded in an intimate live setting. These will include brand new songs like BYE BYE GRACE as well as versions of the tracks already recorded in the studio .